My Passions and Purpose

"The Radical Moderate" details a new way to view politics and public policy in the United States. This book focuses on pragmatic solutions to the challenges that face this country. Pat O'Brien draws from his experiences in the private sector and as a former elected official. The ideas in this book are fresh and can stand the test of time.
Pat o'brien
Be Entrepreneurial. Provide Value. Speak Independently.

Jackson L. Graves Foundation

Pat is a founding board member of the Jackson Graves Foundation in Fayetteville, Arkansas. For over 15 years, this foundation has been helping create innovative neonatal solutions and making an impact on infant care in hospitals throughout Arkansas.


College World Series, June 2018, Omaha

Arkansas Razorbacks

Pat is an avid Arkansas Razorback sports fan. He is a season ticket holder in football. He will travel anywhere for any sport to watch the Hogs chase the elusive National Championship.

International Travel

He has had the good fortune to visit countries such as
Italy, Cuba, Brazil, Germany and others.. The list is long and
whether it’s business or pleasure he would like to someday visit every area of the world.


Havana, Cuba (2015)