Hi, I'm Pat O'Brien

Every problem has a solution. My father said curiosity was my biggest strength. I enjoy tackling challenges that many would rather avoid. Are you curious about the world too?

Be Entrepreneurial. Provide Value. Speak Independently.


About Me

I was born to an Irish father and Hispanic mother. If life is a marathon, I was born on Mile 12. I’m trying to do something with what I have been given. 

My mission

I want to learn and grow and teach and give opportunity to others.

Value offer

In business, I make money for partners. In law, I provide prudent and sound advice. In mentoring, I fulfill every passion inside me.

I am blinded by the opportunity I see in the
world. Businesses, governments, non-profits, social ventures – there is so much opportunity. My biggest challenge is prioritizing time to make a substantive impact.

“We are all sons and daughters. We are the descendants of those
that came before us. Our experiences are unique and we all have something to offer the world.”

My Investments


Sonic is uniquely positioned for success in the QSR industry. The food, drinks, desserts
and business model are differentiated.


This documentary film chronicles the world famous Memphis BBQ restaurant ‘The Rendezvous’. More than food – it’s history, culture, soul and how a white owner and black waiters become a family.


Cascadia Blooms is a new market leader. Premium CBD Hemp Flower organically grown in Oregon.

Monroe Park Properties is a real estate investment company that helps investors build rental portfolios and find off market opportunities.
They also invest in real estate by paying guaranteed returns on money they can lend.

“The Radical Moderate” details a new way to view politics and public policy in the United States. This book focuses on pragmatic solutions to the challenges that face this country. Pat O’Brien draws from his experiences in the private sector and as a former elected official. The ideas in this book are fresh and can stand the test of time.

The Evolution of Political Structure